NOBODY is an artist that has broken away from the traditional Bermuda art standards and pushes boundaries of what art can be with their work. They are inspired by Bermudian culture’s unique relationship with proximity.

For over a decade NOBODY has showcased in joint and solo exhibitions in their island home. Their Afro-Bermudian centered installations use vibrant colors and unapologetic commentary to distinguish the extraordinary from the mundane. NOBODY has been on display in some of the island’s more notable galleries; the ACE Gallery(now CHUBB), The Masterworks Foundation, Bermuda Society of the Arts, the Art Center of Dockyard, Bermuda College Art Gallery, as well as the Bermuda National Gallery.

NOBODY is a founding member of the project based collective Bermudian Artists Rise Up (B.A.R.U). Unlike the average solo artist, they firmly believe in the importance of collaboration as a means to promote the growth and progression of a strong, vibrant artist/creative community. NOBODY’s work is centered around bringing the Afro-Bermudian experience to the forefront of the wider discussion about the African diaspora, since the narratives and contributions of Afro-Bermudians seems to be overlooked . This lack of attention, coupled with existing in a highly conservative society, has lead to their “no fucks given” socio political commentary, full of expletives and “jarring” imagery designed to inspire the future revolutionaries, rebels, outcasts, and weirdos to cast aside their lack of cultural esteem and see the value in themselves and their island home.